If A Coin Is Tossed 8 Time,predict The Variety Of Time You'll Expect To Get A Head​

Fifteen hundred models are expected to be produced. The estimates of the underlying, however unknown intercept and slope coefficient for the current month are A. P250,000 and P50.

_____2. The steps in conducting analysis are patterned.

Choice-letters “b” and http://marcophzmd.slypage.com/15929966/5-easy-facts-about-ufabet-described “c” are incorrect as a result of sunk prices are by no means related to decision-making, both long-term and short-term selections. 30. The unknown intercept and slope coefficient for the present month. https://trentoniyocq.bloggadores.com/14414700/ufabet-things-to-know-before-you-buy  The intercept or level of origin is the fastened costs; while the slope coefficient is the variable cost price. The fixed costs for the present month is P250,000 and https://marcoxqian.blogsumer.com/14692691/the-single-best-strategy-to-use-for-ufabet the variable value fee is P55 per unit. Choice-letter “d” is correct. The cost that's not prone to contain a variable value element.

 The variable coefficient is P8 and the impartial variable “x” is 2,500 hours. The estimated variable upkeep prices is PP21,250 (i., P8 x 2,500 hrs.). Regression https://ufabetautowallet59134.blogdemls.com/14377285/ufabet-an-overview analysis24. Simple regression evaluation offers the means to judge a line of regression, which is fitted to a plot of information and represents A. The way prices change with respect to the dependent variable. The means prices change with respect to both independent and dependent variables.

The variability expense with pesos of production. The means prices change with respect to the impartial variable. A costing system that features all manufacturing costs used in the manufacturing as product costs, whether or not direct or indirect, variable or mounted.  Choice-letter “b”, absorption costing, is the correct reply. Absorption costing includes all manufacturing costs whether or not direct or indirect, variable or mounted, in the willpower of product costs. 19. The variable price per unit and the entire fastened costs using the high-low method.